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"Tales of Reality"

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Still Tomorrow Comes
 2.  Something Different
 3.  Tug of War
 4.  Song for Someone
 5.  Leave Yesterday Behind
 6.  Great Divide
 7.  Lightning
 8.  Lifestyle
 9 . Falling on the Run
10. Used to Be
11. Angels Cry
12. Moonlight
13. Colorado
14. Move On      

Jack Mullins is a Bay-Area singer-
His current CD,
"Tales of Reality" was released
late 2004. To see where you
can find and
purchase the CD,
click on the Cover.

This is where, from time to time you will find a few live
performances available for FREE download. You never
know what might pop up, could be solo, could be with
the band, or another band, or not. Who knows?
Here are four rough recordings the band
and I did recently.

A defiant little tune, slated for the next CD.

Starting Over
A country rock song, also slated for the next CD.

A Little Less Conversation
This Elvis song was cool WAY before the remix.
Here's our version of it.

Move On
A different treatment from the version on
"Tales of Reality".


Texas Dope
A political tune written right after Bush's 2004.

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